Slacker and Steve - Personal Walk of Shame (Audio)

September 12, 2016

Photo: Robert Kneschke |

We’ve all had a walk of shame in some sort or fashion and we’re not talking about the morning after a wild hook up! Twitter users shared their ‘Real Walk of Shame’ stories and here are a few of their personal shames:


1. "The real walk of shame is me walking back to my car after leaving Target with 27 things I didn't need."

2. "The real walk of shame is when I have to walk from my office to the break room to wash the 4 Tupperware containers I use in a day."

3. "The real walk of shame is finding out you’re in the wrong class after 25 minutes."

4. "The real walk of shame is taking the empty liquor bottles from your room to the recycling bin."

5. "The real walk of shame is when you go to pay for something and you don't have enough and you have to awkwardly put it back."


Can you relate? What is your personal walk of shame story?