Slacker and Steve - Post Marriage Bombshell (Audio)

July 27, 2016

Photo: Pixinoo |

Marriage is a big commitment and its recommended to fully know the person you are saying, “I do” to. After 20-years of marriage, a Florida woman discovered that her husband was not the man he claimed he was. Her husband claimed that his name was, Terry Symnasky, which was actually the name of a deceased man. His real name was Richard Hoagland, and he stole Terry Symnasky’s identity after finding his death certificate, in which he used to apple for a new birth certificate in Ohio. He took the falsified birth certificate to apply for a driver’s license in Alabama and then Florida. Under the alias, Richard settled down in Florida and married his wife. The identity theft came to light after Terry Symnasky’s nephew was researching his family history on The nephew was surprised to find his “uncle” was living, rather than what his death certificate claimed. The family of Terry contacted police and not long after, detectives showed up at Richard’s door! 


What bomb-shell secret did you find out about your spouse after you said, "I do."?