Slacker and Steve - Pranks (Audio)

May 4, 2016

Photo: Dreamstime

Pranks have been around for centuries because it’s always fun to make a joke and have a laugh… well maybe have a laugh. Sometimes pranks are taken too far and the prankster ends up being the only one who is laughing or worse, facing criminal charges. An Arizona teen thought it that he needed to end his high school days with a bang by exposing his wang. 19-year-old Hunter Osborn posed with his manhood in his football team picture that made it into his high school’s yearbook with no one noticing until after they were printed and handed out to all of the students. The school finally discovered the photograph and shortly after called the police which lead to Hunter’s arrest. He is now facing 70 criminal charges. His prank was a flop that lost him his freedom, but this next prank was a flop that put this prankster in the dog house. Prankster a.k.a. biggest jerk of all time thought it would be so funny to trick his girlfriend into think that he was cheating on her with a hot blonde, but wait it gets better, he performed his stunt on their anniversary.  The boyfriend hacked his girlfriend’s Skype and which played a pre-recorded video of a woman in a bikini walking around his apartment. The girlfriend was obviously extremely upset, but little did she know that her boyfriend actually flew to France and was outside her house when the Skype call was made. She answered her door and slammed it right back. No word on how their relationship is going, but I’m sure the prankster won’t live that one down! 


Whether it be a senior prank or a prank on your friend, what was the best prank you ever pulled off? 

Slacker and Steve - Pranks 5/4

An Arizona teen took his senior prank too far when he posed with his manhood in the yearbook! Whether it be a senior prank or a prank on your friend, what was the best prank you ever pulled?