Slacker and Steve - Pre-K Proms (Audio)

June 21, 2016

Photo: Beflydream |

Proms are expensive! You have to buy a dress, a tuxedo, a place to eat dinner, a limo, and even prom tickets are insane prices. Thankfully they only come during high school… or do they? Pre-K Proms are now a thing and they are making their rounds in a lot of schools nationwide. The event comes with a DJ and a photographer. One mom says, “It’s adorable. Girls dancing with girls, boys running around”. A child psychologist said, “One of the biggest consequences is that you are missing out on the innocence of childhood; of just playing around, and not having to think about what people think of you, about what your hair looks like, or if this dress makes you look fat.” Experts also say it can create a lot of pressure at a very young age.


What do you think? Is this new trend going too far or do you think that it is a cute idea?