Slacker and Steve - Psychic 8/15 (Audio)

August 15, 2018

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Mother Says She Discovered Her Psychic Powers As A Child, And Her Gift Is So Strong She Has To Wear A HOODIE To Block Messages From Spirits A psychic mother who can "communicate with the dead" claims that her gift is so strong that she has to wear a hoodie to block out messages from spirits.   Sofia Grundqvist, of Norway, first discovered her paranormal powers as a child when she realized she could hear and see things that others couldn't. Now she has embraced her powers and helps people communicate with their dead loved ones on the side. She has a full-time job in a medical factory. When she was younger, she didn't know how to control her gift. But said now she has learned to turn it off and on. She can pick up spirits every day if she wants to, but sometimes it's exhausting. She knows it sounds bizarre, but she said she’s actually found covering her head with a hoodie helps block it out and gives her some rest. Her powers are so strong that she can even pick up if a person has a spirit present while talking to them over Facebook or the phone, though she prefers to meet in person. The psychic explained that spirits primarily want her help to contact loved ones from beyond the grave. But she said she is always cautious about delivering the message. She knows that some people remain skeptical. She just wants to help people who want help.