Slacker and Steve - Revenge (Audio)

May 12, 2016

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Sometimes the things that happen in life can justifiably responded with revenge.  However, before you get even, you need to educated or your plot of revenge can turn into a massive fail. A New Jersey man wanted revenge against the man who is dating his ex-girlfriend. He thought slashing the new lover’s tires will be the perfect thing to get even. Unfortunately, the scorned lover slashed the wrong tires at the wrong house! He caused 10,000 dollars’ worth of damage and is now facing several charges for his revenge flop! A woman in Michigan got a surprise of a lifetime when three men showed up on her doorstep to have relations! Turns out, the home owner had an enemy that created a fake page for her on the website, Ashely Madison. The police who investigated the incident declared that revenge was the driving motivation in the situation!


What happened when you got sweet revenge?

Slacker and Steve - Revenge 5/12

If you're going to get even, get educated first! A New Jersey man is now 10,000 dollars in the hole, after he slashed the wrong tires at the wrong address! His revenge plot against his ex was a completely flop! What happened when you got sweet revenge?