Slacker and Steve - Revenge (Audio)

July 25, 2017

Photo: Kiosea39 |

A pregnant wife who caught her husband cheating punished his mistress by putting chili peppers up her vagina. The 23 year-old wife (from Vietnam) became suspicious when her husband of seven months, kept disappearing for hours on end. She and four friends followed her husband to a motel before bursting in on him having sex with a young girl. Wearing latex gloves, the women held down the mistress and took pictures as they removed her underwear. They then opened a large bag of super-hot chilies and pushed them inside the woman’s vagina causing her to be in excruciating pain from the hot spices. The group then posted the pictures online boasting of the punishment. The wife, who is around three months pregnant with a baby boy, alter said: ‘Would my husband like me to live happily to welcome his child? ‘How can he care for us if he then he cheats with another girl. A woman who destroys the family”. Police said no complaint had been made from the alleged victim.


What did you do to get revenge on someone?