Slacker and Steve - Run in with a Stranger (Audio)

May 16, 2016

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A woman from Canada was attacked by the "free hug guy" in Times Square Thursday because police said she didn't give the man a tip. The victim was a 22-year-old woman from Ottawa. The NYPD said the woman took a picture with Jermaine Himmelstein, 24, who was holding a sign that said "free hugs." Police said Himmelstein then demanded three times that the woman give him money -- and she refused each time. After the third denial, he punched her in the face. The woman sustained a black eye, swelling to the face and some cuts and bruising. She was taken to the hospital, where she was treated and released. She was flanked by police as she was escorted back to her hotel Thursday evening. The victim was first thought to be a tourist, but police said she's been living in Manhattan recently. Himmelstein apparently took off, but police took him into custody in Union Square in connection with the assault later in the day.

A woman is facing multiple charges for throwing a chicken carcass and dipping sauce in another woman’s face and assaulting an officer. Court documents said police responded to a home on E. Euclid Tuesday morning. Brenda Copeland told police she standing outside her home when another woman, later identified as Mishel Stein, threw a chicken carcass and dipping sauce in her face, according to court records. "Then all of the sudden this person I don't know stood up and turned and hit me like this with a whole bunch of horrid putrid stuff and I started screaming," said Copeland. Copeland told police she did not know the woman who threw the substances. Witnesses told police they heard the screaming and found the woman covered in a white substance on her face and upper body.

Whether it was positive or negative, when have you had an awkward run in with a stranger?

Slacker and Steve - Run in with a Stranger 5/16

Slacker and Steve - Run in with a Stranger 5/16