Slacker and Steve - Scammed (Audio)

You Think You've Heard It All...Until this.

April 6, 2016

We’ve all heard horrendous stories about people who have lost a great deal of money or have even received a product that they certainly didn’t order in place of something that they did. For instance, a man in China expected to pull his new shiny iPhone 6s from the Apple box, but instead, withdrew a sloppy pancake; syrup was not included. The victim thought he was snagging an online deal that discounted the phone 70% less than he would have purchased in stores. He paid a whopping 230 dollars for a flapjack! What a bummer. Have you ever wondered what a selfie from heaven would look like? Well look no further, you can purchase a printed heavenly selfie from a scammer out of South Africa for 350 dollars. The pastor, that’s correct, a pastor, claimed he visited the other side over Easter and is trying to spread God’s word and stack his wallet. Thankfully his church or anyone else isn’t buying it or the selfie. 


What happened when you were scammed?  

Slacker and Steve - Scammed 4/6

A man in China expected to open his new iPhone fresh from the box, but found out he received an iPancake instead. What a bummer! What happened when you were scammed?