Slacker and Steve - Scammed (Audio)

July 26, 2017

Photo: Kiriill Ryzhov |

A woman from Texas, Annie recently purchased a $300 vacuum from Target. She took the box home to open up her new vacuum, to discover that it was filled with dirty towels, a can of chili and rocks. Annie Banerjee said she ventured back to the store about an hour later and the store manager refused to refund her recent purchase and called the police. Annie, who is an immigration lawyer, from India, claims that she might have been racially profiled by the Target store manager, who told the police that she was “Hispanic”. Banerjee wants a change in the Target store policy to be certain that an incident like this never happens again. A Lawsuit has not been filed yet. Target is still looking into how the vacuum ended up being replaced with a decoy box. 


How did you get scammed?