Slacker and Steve - Scarred for Life (Audio)

January 18, 2017

Photo: Bowie15 |

We all have at least one moment that happened in life that will forever be burned into our brains. Maybe those long living moments bring you to a happy place, or maybe it takes you back to when you were scarred for life. A couple in Pennsylvania did the unthinkable and the unforgettable. In broad daylight, in a mall parking lot, Torrey Rudisill and Taylor Skursky got frisky in their car with two children in the backseat. A passerby witnessed the entire incident and called the police immediately. The ‘Parents of the Year’ were carted off to jail. However, jail is nothing new to Torrey Rudisill, as he was on work release from prison when he got caught in the act. The poor children will certainly be haunted by what went down that day.


Maybe it was a movie or seeing your grandparents naked! Whatever it was, what scarred you for life?