Slacker and Steve - Secrets (Audio)

March 22, 2017

Photo: Sebnem Ragiboglu |

Shhh! Secrets. We all have them. Some are big. Some are small. Some you tell no one and some you tell your best friend. We found a thread on Reddit of people confessing the secrets they are keeping from their significant other. Here’s a few:

1. "That I'm ticklish. It started as a gag, claiming I was immune, but she's so adorably gullible that she now believes I can't be tickled. If only she knew the self-restraint I've had to exercise to keep up the charade. Or how bad she is at tickling."

2. "That she had lipstick on her teeth during our wedding vows. I remember thinking during that moment, 'Huh, so this is the secret I will take to my grave.'"

3. "I was crushing on him for a whole year before he remembered me existing in high school. I don't need him to start thinking of me as some stalker weirdo cause of that."

4. "The number of ex-partners, their names, and/or frequency of relations. They might not care at first but, man, that information sits with your S.O. and festers like no other."

5. "The only reason we matched on Tinder is because I swiped right on 20 guys straight no matter what they looked like because I was bored. He ended up being one of the 20. I went on a 'pity date' with him, because he isn't the best looking but was fun to talk to. I didn't think I would actually fall for him. But we ended up hitting it off incredibly well and became official not too long after."


What’s the biggest secret you’re keeping?