Slacker and Steve - Shallow Breakup (Audio)

September 16, 2016

Photo: Photoeuphoria |

In the beginning stages of a relationship you really get to know the other person's quirks and habits, and sometimes those little things can be too much for some to handle! Today we're talking about shallow breakups! A new thread has blown up on Reddit with users all over the world confessing the shallowest reasons they have broken up with someone. Here are a few of their answers:


1. One guy said he broke up with a woman because of her toes. He said, 'I looked down the morning after we first slept together. I saw what basically looked like Batman creeping up through the bed sheets at the foot of the bed.'


2. Another guy says he split up with a girlfriend over celery. He said, 'She insisted on sitting up in bed, smearing cheese spread on celery sticks and munching away. She had to go.'


3. Another user said he was on the verge of moving in with his girlfriend when her flossing style put a sudden end to their relationship. He said, 'Saw her flossing in the morning and she was eating the s**t she flossed out of her teeth.


What's the most shallow reason why you ended a relationship?