Slacker and Steve - Shouldn't Be Alive (Audio)

October 25, 2016

Photo: Ariel Dunn |

Sometimes you see a story about someone who definitely shouldn’t be alive after what happened to them. A car with five people in it accidentally rear ended a semi-truck in China. The driver didn’t notice the car and proceeded to drag the car for 16 miles. Then there’s the story of a diver who was filming sharks off the coast of Mexico in a “shark-proof” cage. One shark was trying to get the bait tuna and slammed in to the cage and entered the cage with the diver still in it. Luckily the boat crew acted fast and was able to get the shark out of the cage and the diver emerged unharmed. Some people just seem to be able to cheat death no matter the circumstance.


What happened to you that makes you think you shouldn’t be alive?