Slacker and Steve - Show and Tell (Audio)

September 20, 2016

Photo: Monkey Business Images |

Don’t you  just wish you could go back to the simpler times when all you had to do for the day is bring something neat to school and show it off? That’s right! Today we are talking about show and tell! Of all the things we could think to bring, did heroin ever cross your mind?  Well that’s exactly what happened in New Jersey when a kindergarten student brought thirty packs of heroin to class.  The teacher originally though the child was playing with candy wrappers until she looked in his lunchbox and found 29 other packets of the drug!  Fortunately the boy was taken to the hospital where he tested negative for the drug. 


 Of all of the items you brought in to school what was the weirdest thing you, or someone else, ever saw at show and tell?