Slacker and Steve - Side Effects (Audio)

June 23, 2016

Photo: Catherine Lall |

Medications come with all crazy side effects and they can make you do some very strange things or make you very forgetful! Country singer, Kenny Chesney gets very generous when he takes the sleeping pill, ambien. One night the Zac Brown Band called Kenny Chesney asked to use his private jet because they had to get to a show fast and had no way to get there. Chesney, who had just swallowed an ambien, told the band of course and he sent his pilot and plane immediately. After the show ended, Zac Brown called Kenny Chesney to tell him thank you saving the show. Chesney had no idea what he was talking about because of the sleeping pill! Brown had to inform him that he lent out his private jet! Hopefully he doesn’t do that often!


What is the craziest side effect that you had from your medication?

Slacker and Steve - Side Effects 6/23

Slacker and Steve - Side Effects 6/23