Slacker and Steve - Signs of the Afterlife (Audio)

January 6, 2017

Photo: Veremer |

Even without proof many people believes in the so-called afterlife or heaven in some religions. However, it is impossible to prove that heaven do exist maybe unless a dead man comes back to life. Well, this is literally what happened to Dr. Gary Wood. He came back after being deemed clinically dead for an hour and shares his tour experience to heaven with dead friends. Dr. Wood was involved in a car crash with his sister when he was 18 years old. While on the way home, their car collided on an illegally parked vehicle on the street. His then 16-year-old sister survived the accident without a scratch while Gary was fatally injured. He had serious injuries which included crushed larynx, ripped nose and broken bones. He was pronounced dead on the spot by paramedics who responded at the scene. "Then this cloud opened up and I saw this giant golden satellite, suspended in space that the Bible calls Heaven," Dr. Wood said. He added he was met by an angel that was about 70 feet tall with a sword and beautiful gold hair. After an exchange between the angels, he was given a tour to heaven by his best friend who previously died of an accident.


Have you ever had an experience with the afterlife?