Slacker and Steve - Snake Stories (Audio)

May 9, 2016

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Snakes are terrifying and most of the population agrees. Ophidiophobia is one of the most common phobias among people, but there are some snake lovers that will do just about anything to be near one! A man in Florida decided to take a journey to the Animal House Pet Center and steal a python. He took a 149 dollar baby python from its cage and quickly thought that stuffing the snake in his pants would certainly get him out the door without suspicion. Thankfully, it wasn’t feeding day for the snake, because this situation could have ended in a hospital, rather than a jail cell. The employees stopped the thief before he got out of the door and the police were quickly on the scene to take the snake-less man to jail. Snake handling should be left to the professionals, not to a singer on stage. Irma Bule, an Indonesian artist wanted to spice up her performance and thought that a cobra on stage would do just that. The 29-year-old accidentally stepped on the king cobra’s tail and was instantly bitten in the leg. She refused to go to the hospital and rejected anti-venom from the handler. She kept the show going, but within 45 minutes she started to vomit and have seizures. Unfortunately, the singer lost her life. 


Whether you were bitten or put one in your pants, what is your best snake story? 

Slacker and Steve - Snake Stories 5/9

A Florida man was arrested after attempting to steal a python from a pet store. Smuggling the snake in his pants was not the best decision! Whether it's being bitten by a snake or putting one in your pants, what is your best snake story?