Slacker and Steve - Snake Stories (Audio)

September 21, 2016

Photo: James Steidl |

Ophidiophobia is the phobia or abnormal fear of snakes. Do you have it? Well if not now you might after hearing what one woman went through in her very own home. Fay Moller from Queensland, Australia was enjoying a nice delicious snack on her couch when she had the scare of a lifetime. A "friendly" local carpet snake popped out from in between her cushions to check out the Gayndah orange she was eating. Her husband Bruce said he tried to catch the snake, however it quickly slithered back into hiding. Bruce told the Sunshine Coast Daily, "He went under the lounge chair so I prodded him with a broom and when he came out just put the wide broom across its back near the head and grabbed it behind the head." The family was able to remove the snake from their home.


What happened when you encountered a snake?