Slacker and Steve - Spousal Secrets (Audio)

June 29, 2016

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Communication and trust is key when it comes to making a relationship work, but sometimes there are just things that we cannot tell our spouses! We found a list of 16 shocking secrets people have been hiding from their spouses. Here it is! 


1. I drop at least a grand every month betting on sports. My wife has no idea.

2. My husband doesn't know that I named our son after the first guy I loved.

3. 10 years of marriage and my wife has no idea that I know she fakes all her orgasms. I can't have this conversation with her.

4. I supplement my income as a phone sex operator. My wife has no idea.

5. My husband doesn't know I've been taking pain killers excessively the past 2 years.

6. My wife wants a baby but I don't, so I secretly had a vasectomy without telling her.

7. I lost my wedding ring 10 years ago. Bought another one and my wife has no idea.

8. I never told my husband that I slept with his sister in high school.

9. I have several nice cars, several houses and several bank accounts. My wife doesn't know.

10. I was hospitalized twice for bad panic attacks. I never told my husband because I'm afraid he is going to leave me for being weak.

11. My wife doesn't know but I wear her underwear to work.

12. I stopped taking my birth control in hopes to get pregnant. My husband doesn't know.

13. My wife doesn't know that our marriage was based on a dare.

14. I have hooked up with more guys than girls and my wife doesn't know.

15. I had a miscarriage in high school. I've still never told my husband he was a father at 17. I just can't break his heart like mine was broken.

16. My wife doesn't know that before we dated I produced/directed adult movies online.


What is the deepest darkest secret you have been hiding from your spouse?

Slacker and Steve - Spousal Secrets 6/29

Communication is key in a relationship, but that doesn't mean there aren't a few white lies you tell your spouse! Maybe you wear your wife's underwear to work or have several bank accounts, whatever it may be we want to know! What is the deep dark secret you are hiding from your spouse?