Slacker and Steve - Spouse of the Year (Audio)

July 20, 2016

Photo: Martinmark |

We love giving out awards, but winning this award would not be something to be proud of year. Today, we’re giving away the “Spouse of the Year” award. The contestants who are worthy of this award are those with spouses who need to read the, “Marriage for Dummies” book! It did not take long for a new groom in China, to prove to the world (via viral video) that he deserves the award! The video that has become a hit shows a groom and his bride on an electric scooter, riding off into the sunset… kinda. The bride that was sitting side-saddle rode off into the pavement after hitting a speed bump! The clueless groom continues down the road! We assume he was put in the dog house on day one of marriage, thus making him a perfect suitor for the award!


Why does your spouse deserve the “Spouse of the Year” award?