Slacker and Steve - Spring Break (Audio)

March 20, 2017

Photo: Rawpixelimages |

What happens on spring break doesn’t always stay on spring break, because today we want to hear your juicy stories! Young or old, we all have a spring break story, even grandma Doreen Grett! Grett is now an internet sensation after she went viral for taking shots with a few college girls in Mexico. However, not all spring break memories are happy go lucky, some are a bit scary. Two women in Florida are lucky to be alive and not because they drank too much the night before. While the young partiers were jet skiing in Port Canaveral, one rider flipped her jet ski upside down. While the two spring breakers were struggling to get back onto the water craft, they were being pushed into the port’s channel, putting them in direct target of a Carnival Magic cruise ship. Thankfully, a Seaport Security Marine Deputy saw the women’s struggle and steered his boat in the path of the cruise ship, so that the Carnival Magic’s captain would know to veer. The deputy then pulled the women to safety and to drier shores. 


What’s the craziest thing that happened while you were getting rowdy on Spring Break?