Slacker and Steve - Spy/Undercover (Audio)

December 6, 2016

Photo: Leung Cho Pan |

A new shocking discover revealed that one in ten women spy in their husbands. 1,000 married people took the poll and divulged that they read their husband’s emails and text messages. However, more married women even went further into their investigation. One in 20 women went as far as installing a secret tracking software into their husband’s phones! The poll should have also included a questioning portion regarding impersonating after what one woman did in Las Vegas. Stephani Lawson is heading to jail for one year after she impersonated her ex-boyfriend on Facebook. She even sent herself threats and accused the victim of stalking her. The police arrested the victim four times before discovering that the true suspect was the woman claiming to be the victim. Lawson was convicted on charges of false imprisonment, violence, fraud and perjury.


Have you ever gone undercover? What's your best spy story?