Slacker and Steve - Stalkers (Audio)

April 25, 2016

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When you suspect your significant other is playing away you can either sob in a corner or you can try and prove it. So that's how one woman found herself in the trunk of her boyfriend's car as he drove with another girl in the passenger seat. Victoria, from Florida, filmed herself as she explained her plan to get out of her hiding place and challenge her other half when she saw where he was going. After she posted the videos on her Twitter account her followers demanded to know how on Earth she had got into that situation. In a stream of tweets that had the Twitterverse gripped, Victoria told everyone step-by-step how she suspected her boyfriend of fooling around behind her back. She describes how she discovered her other half was playing away when she heard him sneezing in the background of her friend's phone conversation with another girl. After finding out where that girl lives she turns up, gets in his car and waits. When he stops she get out and taps on the window to confront him. But instead of the reaction she expects, the guy and his passenger, who was not the girl she expected to see, just laugh at her. She hasn't divulged what happens next, but keep an eye fixed on her Twitter, @vickto_willy to find out.


John Cusack has won a restraining order against an alleged female stalker, who frequently staked out his house and went as far as threatening the actor with a hex on his penis. The "Sixteen Candles” star was granted a stay-away order on Wednesday against a woman who relentlessly showed up outside his home for three months, TMZ reported. The obsessed woman, Marieretno Subali, further expressed her infatuation through eerie emails sent to the actor’s family. One morbid note claimed she would cast a “black candle spell,” which would make the actor impotent for life, according to the gossip site.


It’s hard to say exactly how many artists Prince influenced in his 57 years, but we do know he had a run in with Kesha that only further proved how just how cool he was. It’s a story that Kesha has been telling since 2009, about the time she says she broke into Prince’s house to give him her demo. “It was so easy,” she told “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon when she stopped by in July 2014. “I cruised up in my dead grandpa’s car, and I get out and there’s a gardener in the front yard so I was like, ‘Here’s five dollars and don’t make a thing about it, I’m just going to slide right under this gate,’ and he just laughed and thought it was funny and that I was charming.” Kesha explained that after she crawled under the fence, she discovered the door was open and unlocked, “which was basically an invitation, so I walked in and everything was purple velvet,” she said. “I was very pleased that my fantasy had come true and that there was, in fact, purple velvet everywhere.” “I walk into the elevator, and there is Prince music playing! And then I go up in the elevator and I come out, and I’m on the phone with my mom saying, ‘I think I may get arrested,’ and then I walk out, and there’s Prince playing the guitar, with a beanie on, and I almost pooped my pants,” she continued. When she came face to face with Prince himself, she said, “He just kind of looked at me funny. He gave me a look like, ‘Who the hell are you?’ and I waved around my CD. I put it on the table, and then I ran away.” Kesha told Fallon she had yet to hear back from Prince about her demo. And sadly, with the news of his death on Thursday, she never will.


Woolworths has been accused of encouraging creepy and intrusive behavior by playing along with a joke about a female customer posted to its Facebook page. On Wednesday, Blake Mitchell Nicholls posted a photograph of a woman in a Woolworths store in Queensland to the supermarket’s Facebook page. In the caption, he asked for help finding the woman as his friend, Brok, was attracted to her. The photo, taken when the woman’s back was turned, attracted many lewd comments about her appearance. “Girl buying mushrooms if you read this, we will be in this section every night at 7:38pm until we meet again,” Mr Nicholls wrote. Woolworths replied with a wink emoticon and a series of puns. “Hey Blake, whilst we’re more interested in matching your dear friend Brok with the perfect chicken and bay leaf to create the curry of his dreams, we still think you’re a great wing-man! “Next time tell Brok not to be chicken, just rice up and say hello! We hear love grows in the produce department [wink emoticon].” Direct replies to Woolworths’ tongue in cheek comment were overwhelmingly positive. But elsewhere on social media, some commenters were incensed – and the incident prompted several angry comment pieces in other media outlets. Beneath the reply itself, one of the lighter criticisms was that Woolworths’ reply was “cute and creepy but cute”. Another asked: “Who let the work experience kid in the PR department near their social media?” On Twitter, journalist Bernard Keene accused Woolworths of “encouraging cyberstalking”. And a user by the name of Tweety


We want to know have you been stalked, or have you been a stalker? 

Slacker and Steve - Stalkers 4/25

In the digital world we live in, stalking has taken on a new dimension, as evidenced by one stalker live-tweeting her cheating boyfriend's date. We want to know, have you been stalked, or have you been a stalker?