Slacker and Steve - Stranger in Your House (Audio)

August 15, 2016

Photo: Imageegami |

Steve, being an extensive collector of toy memorabilia, has his basement covered wall-to-wall in plastic storage bins filled with toys from action figures to comic books. He knows the in and outs of his basement and if something was obscure, Steve would recognize it immediately and that's exactly what happened. While Steve was down in his basement he noticed a pair of legs with slippers on them. At first, he was so taken aback he thought his mind was playing tricks on him, but after analyzing the situation he mustered up the courage and approached the mysterious legs. It turns out, his neighbor was the mystery man in his basement. Steve said he was on drugs and probably came into his house while construction workers were in and out. He helped the man to his house. Eventually, Steve received an apology note from his neighbor.


Have you had a similar incident? What happened when a stranger was in your house?