Slacker and Steve - Stuck in Ya (Audio)

May 17, 2016

Photo: Katarzyna Bialasiewicz |

A small shark bit a woman in Boca Raton and the woman arrived to a local hospital with the shark still attached to her arm, CBS Miami said. The incident happened when the 23-year-old woman was swimming. When Boca Raton Fire and Rescue crews arrived, the two-foot nurse shark was still attached to her forearm. The shark died before authorities arrived, CBS reported, but its jaws were still clamped down. The woman was taken to Boca Raton Regional Hospital with the little shark still on her arm. She was in stable condition, the station reported.


Doctors in China removed a 7-inch tree branch from a man’s eye socket. The 34-year-old man was blinded by an oncoming car’s high-beam lights while riding his electric bicycle and accidentally drove into the branch. The branch became wedged in his eye socket and down his throat but he was able to ride the bike to the hospital. A doctor then yanked the branch out after determining no major organ had been damaged.


It wasn't hard to figure out what happened to the 27-year-old landscaper. The string trimmer he'd been using had thrown a nail directly into his eye. But aside from this moment of bad luck, all went well for the patient, who isn't identified in the New England Journal of Medicine Article. A three-dimensional CT (computed tomography) shows just how the nail had been embedded into his eye. The tip of the nail was just touching a key artery. But it hadn't punctured it.


A Florida woman was arrested after her husband woke up in the middle of the night with a terrible headache and later learned he had a bullet lodged in his head. St. Lucie County Sheriff's deputies initially thought Michael Eugene Moylan had been hit by a stray bullet, but later realized the couple's stories did not match up. Sheriff Ken Mascara says April Moylan was arrested and charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Detectives plan to meet with prosecutors to decide whether additional charges would be filed. April Moylan previously had been convicted of sale and delivery of cocaine in Palm Beach County. Michael Moylan woke up early yesterday morning and thought he had suffered an aneurism or that his wife had elbowed him in his sleep. April Moylan eventually told authorities she accidentally shot her husband.


What have you had lodged in your body?