Slacker and Steve - Stupid Scared (Audio)

March 6, 2017

Photo: Kati1313 |

We all had irrational fears as a kid, and as we got older we realized that our fears were pretty silly. We found a Reddit thread where people shared what scared the heck out of them as a child. Here are a few, can you relate to any of these?

1. “Giant poodles. My nanny had a taxidermy one and its eyes would pop out sometimes. That really frisked me up as a child and to this day I cannot be near a real giant poodle without feeling weak in the knees.”

2. “Tornado's. Best part is, I didn't even live in the great plains or Midwest, I lived in southcentral Pennsylvania. We rarely get them. Funny story though, we had a whole house vacuum installed. One of those you plug into the walls. Well the company that installed it had a tornado on the side to indicate sucking power. I went outside, saw that, and as a 3-year-old went screaming into the house yelling to stop the man that he was going to install a tornado in our house and it would kill us all.”

3. “Like a lot of kids I thought something lived under my bed that was only active when the lights were out. I had this whole thing made up in my head that I had imaginary pet alligators. When my lights were turned out I pretended my room filled with water and as long as I "fed" my gators they'd float around and protect me from the monsters.”

4. “The Chuck-e-cheese mouse. Him and all his goons.”

5. “My aunt's wig stand. I would walk past her bedroom with my hand over my eyes and when my mum asked me why I told her the "lady with no eyes wants to eat mine” Gave me a fear of mannequins that lasted longer than I'm willing to admit.”


What was the stupidest thing you were scared off?