Slacker and Steve - Surprise (Audio)

May 11, 2016

Photo: Patryk Kosmider |

Surprises can be great if they have our best intentions, but some surprises can go horribly wrong!  A mother wanting to surprise her daughter at Utah State University is going viral after she snapped a selfie in a bed in the wrong dorm room! The mother sent the selfie to her daughter and said, “Look where I am! Where are you?” Her daughter replied and said she was in her dorm room. The mother quickly left and entered the correct dorm room, but the surprise fail still loves on! A pet owner was surprised after the family dog brought home a bag of marijuana.  After discovering the bag was not trash, she was surprised that the leafy substance added up to a pound! 


Have you ever had a surprise of a lifetime? 

Slacker and Steve - Surprise 5/11

After snapping a selfie in the wrong bed and dorm room, this mother's surprise for her daughter at Utah State University completely fails! Have you ever received a surprise of a lifetime?