Slacker and Steve - Terrible Teens (Audio)

August 4, 2016

Photo: Fabiana Ponzi |

If you have raised a teenager you would know that it can be one of the most challenging phases you face during parenting. Teenagers are rebels who make terrible decisions and sometimes those terrible decisions occur at Hooters! 18-year-old, Nicholas Fuhst, from Michigan, is facing up to four years of jail time after he impersonated a police officer while sitting at the bar in a Hooters restaurant. He represented himself as an undercover cop who was in the middle of an investigation and needed the list of names of every waitress’s name. Fuhst, was convincing enough to accomplish that goal. He left the restaurant and later returned to request more information about a select few of employees on the list. At this time, the Hooters’ employees were suspicious and decided to call the police. When police arrived they found three knives, zip ties and lighter fluid in his backpack. Fuhst reportedly told police that he went to Hooters because he wanted to talk to the girls and see if they could become friends on Facebook. 


Why were you or your very own teenager down-right terrible?