Slacker and Steve - Toddler Terror (Audio)

August 9, 2016

Photo: Slateriverproductions |

The 'Terrible Twos' sum up raising a toddler perfect, because toddlers are little terrors! If you don’t have a toddler yet, here are some things you can expect:


1.They have more energy than any amount of caffeine could ever give you: If you thought you were tired when you were up with an infant, keeping up with a constantly on the go toddler will tire you out even more.

2.You will become a kid TV show critic: You’ll have your favorites and be able to sing along with Fresh Beats like you're their biggest fan. 

3.Everything they do can result in an injury: Toddlers are walking accidents waiting to happen.

4.Your child can go from a great eater to a picky eater from breakfast to lunch: Don’t go bragging about how junior loves his veggies because he will turn on you in an instant and only want chicken nuggets and fries.

5.Your toddler will embarrass you in public in ways you can’t even imagine: You’ve got to get a thick skin and a sense of humor because between public tantrums, nose picking, and no filter when telling strangers your deepest, darkest secrets, your toddler will do many, many things that might have you crying into your glass of wine at night!


We’re talking about toddlers being little bundles of nightmares. What happened when your toddler was a huge terror?