Slacker and Steve - Toilet Tales (Audio)

April 20, 2016

Photo: Dreamstime

If you don’t have a toilet tale then you’re lying. Everyone has at least one good stinky story to tell; a man in Ireland certainly does, after his toilet sent him to the hospital. As the Irishman was sitting on his porcelain throne a pesky rat decided it was a good time to attack, that’s right, his butt! The rat had entered into the sewage system by a broken pipe. Make sure to look into your toilet bowl before sitting or at least give it a pre-courtesy flush! Kanye West doesn’t need to his daughter North about his toilet tale because she was the leading role! North flushed her dad’s phone down the toilet, which then delayed his album release because every single rap was on his phone. I guess North thought his album, The Life of Pablo, needed a courtesy flush as well. 


What are your best toilet tales?

Slacker and Steve - Toilet Tales 4/20

Be sure to check the toilet bowl before taking a seat! An Irishman was rushed to emergency after a rat bit his butt soon after sitting! What are your best toilet tales?