Slacker and Steve - Toilet Tales (Audio)

August 30, 2016

Photo: Marharyta Kovtun |

‘The Porcelain Throne’, ‘The John’ and ‘The Lou,’ are just a few examples of the nicknames for the place we all visit multiple times a day. That’s right, the toilet! Today we are talking about toilet tales and we want to hear your dirtiest stories!  A man in Norway had to be rescued by firefighters after he was stuck inside a public toilet. Cato Bernsten Larsen, climbed in feet-first all because his friend dropped his phone while urinating. He volunteered to retrieve his friend’s phone, but didn’t realize how dirty the situation really was. The toilet’s tank is not connected to the sewer and is only emptied once a season! Larsen, was “thin enough to go down, but now thin enough to come up again.” He was stuck knee-deep in excrement and the firefighters were unable to rescue him without having to destroy the toilet. After rescued, he was treated at the nearby hospital to receive antibiotics. Sadly, the phone was never recovered. Ah, poop! 


What is your most outrageous toilet tale?