Slacker and Steve - Uber (Audio)

July 27, 2017

Photo: Konstantin Sutyagin |

An Uber passenger filmed his driver 'receiving oral sex from a prostitute' as he drove his fare home. The horrified customer - who shot footage on his mobile phone from the back seat - described it the "most unsafe and dangerous ride home". Aner Manuel claims the woman performed the sex act on the driver during the two-mile journey at around 3am in Chicago last week. Footage shows the woman – who Mr Manuel claims to be a prostitute – lowering her head into the lap of the driver as he grips the steering wheel. As music played in the background, the woman is seen repeatedly leaning across and passionately kissing the driver. The woman can be seen in the footage closely looking at the driver as he drives the car and who also appears to be looking at directions on his phone as he drives. The video cuts to the woman's head bobbing up and down as the driver continues the journey. At one point Mr Manuel can be heard telling the driver to pull over so he can exit the car. Mr Manuel claims taxi giant Uber offered him $10 as an apology following the journey.


Have you ever been with a crazy Uber driver or were you the insane passenger?