Slacker and Steve - Used (Audio)

April 13, 2017

Photo: Monkey Business Images |

Maybe it was for a promotion, or to live rent free, or to have three-day wedding completely paid for! Today we are talking about using and being used! A newlywed couple is in hot water after they got their friends and family to pay for their entire wedding. A friend of the bride took to the internet to describe exactly how she, along many others got scammed out of hundreds of dollars for one weekend long wedding. The couple did not have a grand budget for their wedding. To save money on the venue, catering and alcohol, the couple rented out a big house, bought food themselves, and made the event BYOB (bring your own beer), as well as having each guest pitch in. The guests were also surprised to discover that the three-day wedding was a themed wedding with different themes each night. That meant each guest had to shell out money for costumes. The costly wedding didn’t end there. If guests wanted to spend the night, each room in the house was rented out for $187 per night or $562 for the entire three day stay. Oh yeah… each guest was also required to buy the couple an item from their wedding registry. After guests complied with this “budget friendly” wedding, the newlyweds celebrated their union cost free. Talk about being taken advantage of! 


What have you used someone for or what have you been used for?