Slacker and Steve- We Want Plates (Audio)

August 24, 2017

Photo: Oksana Kiian | Dreamstime

Trendy restaurants are all about presentation...because you know your food tastes better if it looks good in Instagram photos, right? But how weird can they get with the presentation before it's too far? A new survey asked people whether they think it's acceptable or unacceptable for restaurants to serve food on or in something other than a regular plate. Here's what they found:
1.  A slate...69% said it's acceptable to serve food on it.
2.  A wooden cutting board...64% are cool with eating off one.
3.  A plant pot...52%.
4.  A floor tile...28%.
5.  In a jar...18%.
6.  A shovel...17%.
7.  A dog bowl...10%.
8.  A shoe...9%.


Would you eat off this stuff?