Slacker and Steve - Weird Way You Found Out (Audio)

February 26, 2018

Photo: Kiosea39 |

A teenage girl found out that her dad is not her biological father after testing her blood type during a science lesson at California State University. According to another student in the class, the girl questioned the professor in a biology lecture after her blood type did not match those of her parents. She told the professor that her dad's blood was O and her mom's was A, yet hers was AB. The professor told her the blood types were impossible and urged her to talk to her parents to double check that her information was correct. When the girl returned to class, she had a story to tell. She told 243 students in the class that her mom had an affair with her husband's step-brother, who fathered her. Now that the cat is out of the bag, apparently, the couple is getting a divorce. What's the strangest way you discovered something?