Slacker and Steve - Weird Way You Found Out You Were Pregnant (Audio)

May 3, 2016

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Pregnancy can come with a lot of unexpected surprises, one being how you find out that you are pregnant. A woman and her family decided to go to the magical world of Disney Land and it sure ended up that way! 34-year-old Kate Smith was feeling extremely nauseous, which she blamed on riding too many roller-coasters, but when her sickness continued that’s when she was in for a surprise of a lifetime. Smith took a pregnancy test and discovered that she was five-months pregnant and a then scan told the tale of three babies that were on their way and happily ever after! It wasn’t a magical discovery for Sarah Senior when she found out that she was pregnant! Sarah was the same size she had always been, still having her period, and received two negative pregnancy tests, but was still having some tummy pains. She went to her doctor thinking that it was IBS; her doctor thought it was an ovarian cyst; turns out she was also pregnant with triplets and she was five months along! She was surprised to say the least! 


How did you find out that you were pregnant? 

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A thrill-seeking mom thought she was sick from too many roller coaster rides, but really was just sick from being pregnant with TRIPLETS! How did you find out you were pregnant?