Slacker and Steve - What Makes You Feel Sexy? (Audio)

July 28, 2016

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Today we’re talking about what makes people feel sexy. We found an article talking about the things that make most women feel sexy. Here are some of the top things that make women feel sexy:


1.  Knowing someone ELSE finds you attractive

2.  Getting a compliment from your boyfriend or husband.

3.  Wearing a new outfit.

4.  Buying sexy underwear.

5.  Losing weight.

6.  Getting a compliment from a stranger.

7.  Getting a new hairstyle.

8.  Being noticed when you walk into a room.

9.  Having a tan.

10. Going away for the weekend.


What makes you feel sexy?

Slacker and Steve - What Makes You Feel Sexy 7/28

A study says that women feel their sexiest after getting their hair done or walking in heels. Men feel sexiest on sunny days or with a freshly shaven face. A lot of people have said they have different methods for making themselves feel sexy. How do you make yourself feel sexy?