Slacker and Steve - What's Happening (Audio)

October 17, 2016

Photo: Sean Hagwell

Our show is about honesty and we want to explain what happened last week. Last Thursday Slacker had to leave the show abruptly to pick up his children from school and tend to his wife who was having some complications from her recent surgery. With zero time for a plan-B, Lil’ D and Steve were preparing to continue the show as normal. The higher ups decided to play music instead. The next day, Slacker, Steve and Lil’ D had a meeting with their big bosses regarding what happened on the previous day and also the future of the Slacker and Steve show. The show’s ratings have slipped a bit and the bigger bosses have been suggesting that the format of the show should be altered. On Friday, we did not have a show. Slacker and Steve decided that it would be best to completely take the day off, so that their frustrated demeanor would not present itself on air. The show will continue, however the format may change in the future.