Slacker and Steve - Why You Can't Be President (Audio)

September 29, 2016

Photo: Kuosumo |

Running for office is no joke. It takes a lot of work to become a potential candidate and it also requires a lot of background checks! Most people have a skeleton in their closet that would deem them an unfit candidate for presidency and we want to know yours! We found a couple people from Reddit that would be the last person to ever get the nomination. Here are their reasons why the White House is not in their future:


1. "I was once featured in a Girls Gone Wild video. Only a few close friends know."


2. "I used to drugs for a higher up drug lord. He would generate millions of dollars and would give be around 200k for each big sell and successful delivery. I was forced out of the 'business' after being shot by a narcotics officer and locked up in the San Quentin jail for five-years."


3. "I broke in and stole a safe from a wealth individuals house. The safe had a Presidential Rolex in it, along with a ton of jewelry, 11,000 dollars, and some gold coins. I made out with about 30,000 dollars. I used the money to pay for college. The kicker is that I majored in criminal law." 


4. "I once got so drunk that I poured 2-gallons of bubble bath in the fountain in the middle of the city. I then took off my clothes and went skinny dipping. I got a public intoxication ticket and an indecent exposure ticket."


5. "I stole a dead woman's I.D. to set up a fake I.D. for a woman running from her coke dealer ex-boyfriend. I went to the funeral of the deceased woman to gather information. I even talked to her parents."


What dirty secret do you have that would keep you from being president?