Slacker and Steve - Wild Uber Stories (Audio)

April 6, 2016


Hey! Uber drivers can get tired too! Juan Carlos ordered an Uber to take him from Philadelphia to the Bronx. While on the ride the driver got tired and asked the young 20-year-old to take over the wheel. However, the driver’s nice nap was short lived when he heard police sirens and was jolted forward. Carlos was going 82-miles-per-hour and refused to pull over for police officers. The high speed chase ended when Juan crashed the car. Both were arrested, but the Uber driver eventually was released from custody because he was sleeping. Others are now in custody because of an Uber ride. Two men had just robbed a bowling alley and used an Uber as a getaway car. The police caught on quickly and arrested the men. Moral of the stories, next time your ride with Uber, remember your passenger rating and always look at your driver’s. 


What are your wacky Uber tales? 

Slacker and Steve - Uber Stories 4/6

If your Uber driver gets tired and hands you the keys, don't be this guy! Whether you're a driver or just a passenger what are your wacky Uber tales?