Slacker and Steve - Wild Weddings (Audio)

June 15, 2016

Photo: Volodymyr Ivash |

Weddings are a great ceremony that celebrates two people becoming one! Dancing, laughing, and most of all drinking really rings in the newlyweds, and sometimes that can all lead to utter disaster! Today we’re talking about wild weddings! A priest in Cyprus does not like horseplay and interruption at the altar while he is officiating and you won’t like him when he is angry! The groom’s brother’s face experienced just what a friendly punch to the back of his brother’s shoulder can do. The priest punched the man’s face and even drew blood. The father of the groom tried to attack the priest, but was retrained. The commotion eventually came to a halt and the bride and groom were married. 


What is the wildest thing that has ever happened at a wedding you attended?