Slacker and Steve - Wish I Didn’t Know (Audio)

August 24, 2016

Photo: Kiosea39 |

There are just some things that we all wish that we never knew… like finding out your mom was a porn star! A recent Reddit thread asked users to reveal what it was like to discover what their parents did for a living and there were some very interesting responses. One user wrote, 'Well I basically realized by age 14 or 15 that my mom did not have a normal job. And I was finally able to kind of put two and two together. Eventually I actually saw a video that she was in. And that's pretty much how I found out.' The theme continued and another woman revealed that her mom did not get involved in the porn industry until she was leaving for college. She said, “I returned home for a visit and met my mom’s rich “new boyfriend,” who had pictures of himself with naked women all over his house. Turned out he owned a porn site, and was helping her mom launch her career.” We want to talk about things you wish you didn’t know and it doesn’t have to be porn related. Whether it be a weird fact or something about a friend, whatever it is we want to know! 


What is the one thing you wish you never know?