Slacker and Steve - Worst Day Ever (Audio)

July 18, 2016

Photo: Verity Johnson |

We’ve all said at least once in our life, “This is the worst day ever!” However, I’m sure our worst day doesn’t come close to what a jockey in Northern Ireland went through. Chris Meehan, was kicked in the face while he was racing his horse in Italy. The paramedics were called, but instead of helping the situation, they made it dramatically worse. He was run over by the ambulance! The crash broke his leg, knocked him out, broke his nose, and left him with a gash in his jaw that required 27 stitches! This is the kicker, Meehan’s father, brother and aunt all drive ambulances. He said his father actually teaches people how to drive an ambulance. Looks like Italy needs to hire Chris Meehan’s father, so bizarre incidents don’t happen like this again! 


What happened when you had the worst day ever?