Slacker and Steve - Worst Driver (Audio)

April 25, 2017

Photo: Imageegami |

If you can eat an entire Happy Meal while putting on makeup and talking on the phone, you’re a bad driver! However, chances are you aren’t as bad as the driver in Tecumseh, Kansas who has an entire Facebook Page dedicated to her mishaps behind the wheel! Patricia McDonald, or as Kansans call her “The CR-V Lady” has been cited over 20 times! Speeding, inattentive driving and driving under the influence has all occurred in her Honda CR-V. Just this past October, McDonald parked her car in the middle of a street! Kansans have complained that McDonald has driven on the wrong side of the street and almost always runs into people. The Facebook page called, “CR-V Lady Awareness of Topeka” is in place to give citizens live updates of her whereabouts so that they may stay out of her way! “The CV-R Lady” will soon be facing many traffic-related citations that could possible end her reign of bad driving as her license is in jeopardy! 


What's the worst example of driving that you've ever seen?