Slacker and Steve - Ya Dumb Drunk (Audio)

July 27, 2016

Photo: Photoeuphoria |

Today we're talking about drunken acts. Some people do crazy things while drunk and we found an article talking about internet users and their drunken antics. Here are some great examples: 


1. One person tried to cook raw, hard pasta in a toaster.

2. A person was so drunk that they responded to their own text message.

3. An inebriated woman decided to get into her house - via the catflap!

4. Someone passed out underneath the AstroTurf - while still holding a can of beer.

5. One person fell asleep on their front porch because they couldn't find their keys. They were their left hand.

6. One person threw up in their washing machine and discovered washing machines don't drain like sinks and had to scoop the throw up out by handfuls the day after.


What is the dumbest drunken act you have ever committed?