Snow Stories

January 29, 2016

The snow has blanked the east coast, the west coast, and even the middle. Today we talked about the wildest snow stories.  
Woman rescued from her car THREE DAYS after the vehicle was buried by two feet of snow
A Maryland woman has been rescued after being trapped inside her car during winter storm Jonas for three days. The woman was found inside the car by the Maryland National Guard after a concerned resident called the local fire department. Fire crews couldn’t make their way up the street because of deep snow so they called in a National Guard Humvee. Rescuers were eventually able to dig the woman out. She was taken to a hospital to be treated for hypothermia. Fire crews think the woman had been living inside the vehicle for some time, but got trapped after the snow fell. The car had run out of gas, and the woman was keeping warm with blankets she had stashed inside. Rescuers said she didn’t seem to hip to the idea of leaving her car, but they told her it was in her best interest to get some medical help.
Paramedics in North Carolina Drove Through the Blizzard to Deliver a Baby
A woman named Amanda Anderson went to a hospital near Charlotte, North Carolina last Thursday night, to give birth.  (We're not sure how old she is, but she looks like she's in her mid to late 20's.) But they sent her home, because she wasn't ready yet.  Which was a problem, because she knew Winter Storm Jonas was supposed to hit overnight.  And sure enough, she went into labor at home right in the middle of it. Now, North Carolina didn't get as much snow as the northeast did.  But some spots had over a foot, and there was also freezing rain.  So the roads were in pretty bad shape. And Amanda was worried that if her husband tried to drive her to the hospital, they might crash or end up stranded in their car.  So they called 911.  But they didn't even know if an ambulance could get to THEM. Luckily the paramedics got through the storm, and made it there JUST in time to deliver the baby.  Which her husband was pretty happy about, because he almost fainted near the end of it. Then the paramedics took Amanda and her new daughter back to the hospital, and they're both doing great.
Worst Walk of Shame EVER? Woman Spotted Sneaking Home in Snowstorm with No Pants
A woman was spotted running through snowy Morgantown, West Virginia, in nothing but a white T-shirt. The clip was posted on Twitter on Saturday with the caption:  'The worst walk of shame the world and Blizzard Jonas has ever seen.' The woman was holding a jacket and pumps, and was seen jumping from one foot to the other as she looked around for someone or something.
Snow-shovelling man punches snowplow driver
Police say a snowplow driver was making his rounds in Whitby, Ontario when he came across a man shovelling a driveway near the edge of the road. "The driver stopped and waited for the suspect to complete his shovelling, but when it appeared that the suspect would not  move, the two began to argue," said Durham police Sgt. Bill Calder in a news release. "The driver of the plow edged forward and the suspect fell back. The suspect then got up and entered the cab of the plow where he punched the driver." The incident was captured by a homeowner on video, police said. Police say the suspect is not from the neighbourhood but was offering to shovel driveways for $10 each. Witnesses told them he left on foot.
Newark man shot during dispute over shovel
A man was shot after a dispute over the shovel he was using to clear an elderly neighbor's driveway. According to Newark police reports, the 38-year-old victim told officers he found the shovel on the ground outside the neighbor's home. As he dug away at the more than two feet of snow around 10:15 a.m., however, he was confronted by a female neighbor claiming the shovel belonged to her. The man returned the shovel, but not before "words were exchanged", according to the police report. While walking back to his home, he was again accosted by the woman and three men, one of whom pointed a gun at the victim's head. At the woman's command, the assailant fired a single shot at the victim, striking him in the buttocks, the report said. The victim attempted to grab the gun, but was struck in the mouth by a second woman during an ensuing struggle. He then fled back to his home, while the group of attackers filed into a green vehicle and fled. Newark police spokesmen did not return a request for additional details, and the victim's condition was unclear. No information on arrests in the case has been made public. 
Slacker said he skied behind cars on the street when he was youger.  He also mentioned Lil D's friend who was having an affair with another married person. They would sneak away to their car in the parking lot, but unfortunately one day they parked their car in a snowbank and carbon monoxide killed them both. Slacker wondered why the woman who had a baby in her car didnt just stay home but congratulated the paramedics for getting there through the snow.
Steve confessed that he used to put rocks in the middle of his snowballs. Steve said that the snow plow guy has the right of way and that those guys even love plowing you in, so its better to just let them do what they want.  

Riding in Breckenridge through the trees in hip-deep snow, I looked up and saw a real snow bunny! The snowshoe hare was all white, and looked at me, like, dude what are you doing here?!?

Whats the craziest snow story that you have?

Intern Scott