Straw That Broke the Relationship's Back

February 16, 2016
Some relationships end for some pretty dumb reasons. Maybe he used the wrong kind of mustard. Maybe he always clicked his pen. Maybe her cat liked you too much. One relationship ended because she was putting mustard on her fries by applying it to her hand first and then rubbing it all over the fries. Then she licked the mustard off her hand. Another ending happened becauseshe was a loud eater, she constantly chewed with her mouth open and smacked her lips. God forbid if she really liked it, then there came sounds of mmms and noms as well. It was like dating the cookie monster. One person was reminded of his mother because she wore the same deodorant. One person ended the relationship because she watched shows on the DVR and wouldn't fast forward through the commercials. One guy broke up with his girlfriend because she used cottage cheese instead of ricotta for lasagna.

Slacker admits he is shallow. He agrees with the guy who ended it over lasagna saying cottage cheese is a poor man’s ricotta. He once dated a girl who didn’t say the “L” in milk and said window seal instead of window sill.

Steve drove a girl crazy by walking slow. He thinks if they are hot then he can handle anything. Although he has an opinion on how a fry should be ate, saying you should only dip them not use your hands to apply the sauce. So maybe he can’t handle it if they are hot.

What straw broke your relationships back?