Vacation Horror Stories

January 11, 2016
A vacation should be relaxing not stressful, but sometimes things go horribly wrong!  Let us know, what is your worst vacation story ever? #YI
Airbnb To Help Couple After House Got Trashed On NYE
Airbnb is going to help a couple in Oakland whose home got damaged after they rented it out over New Year’s  The couple rented their house through Airbnb on New Year's Eve to a person claiming to be a businessman from Chicago, looking for a place to stay in the area. But it turns out they instead rented to a teen from nearby Berkeley throwing an 18th birthday party with an estimated 200 to 300 guests. The group damaged the flooring, furniture and other items from the home, and left trash everywhere. Airbnb says they banned this guest from the site and will help out the couple financially to fix the damages.  
Drug lab raid ruins Australian family's Airbnb holiday
An Australian family was caught in a police sting after unwittingly renting a drug house through Airbnb.
Officers on the Gold Coast tourist strip raided the home, seizing hydroponic cannabis from a locked room.
Police held the family at the house for five hours while they were questioned. The family told the BBC they were asked not to enter the room, which had been blocked with a bookcase, because it was undergoing renovations. The sound of water rushing through pipes raised their suspicions, but they did not try to enter the room. Jacquie Young and her partner Dieter Winkler were expecting extended family to arrive at the house when eight plain-clothed officers carrying guns and crowbars arrived at the front door. Airbnb confirmed the family was refunded A$1800 ($1261; £860) and offered reimbursement for their alternative accommodation.
New York hotel guests share video of bedbug-infested mattress
A California couple visiting New York for the holidays shared video of their bedbug-infested hotel room nightmare. Elgin Ozlen, who posted the video to YouTube, said he and his girlfriend were visiting New York for a the holidays and they booked a room at the Astor on the Park Hotel on Manhattan's Upper West Side. "We were expecting a vacation to remember the rest of our lives, and we will definitely remember it for the rest of our lives, but it won't be a pleasant memory," Ozlen told WABC-TV.
Ozlen said they were on their third room -- the first two lacked heating -- when his girlfriend discovered bite marks on her body. The YouTube video shows a close-up of the couple's bedbug-infested mattress.
Ozlen said the hotel stay led them to miss the Times Square ball drop and a Rockettes show on New Year's Day, Ozlen's birthday. "On my birthday, I'm in the hospital, and I'm washing the best clothes that I brought that I own for this vacation, and during that process many of the clothes became damaged, because they're not meant to be dried," Ozlen said. He said cleaning the couple's belongings after the bedbug discovery caused hundreds of dollars worth of damage. Ozlen said his girlfriend's body is still inflamed from at least 75 bedbug bites and she could suffer permanent scarring from the ordeal. 
Laura called in to talk about an outdoor festival her husband took her to in the middle of winter while she was 5 months pregnant. Needless to say it was an icebox and was so cold her camera was literally frozen. She hates Canada now.

Slacker said that bed bugs freak him out and that he even had to explain to his kids that, unlike the monster under the bed, bed bugs are real.

Steve said that even though the vacation in Australia was a nightmare, at least they have a good story to tell, but honestly, stories like this are why he doesn’t like to go on vacations anymore.

Lil D said that bedbugs can be so bad that they will get in your luggage and then infest your house

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