Vegas Confessions

February 18, 2016

There was a story last week about a couple who got busted for having sex on the world's tallest Ferris wheel, in Las Vegas, in broad daylight.  But MORE details have come out, and the story is even CRAZIER than we realized. It turns out the guy involved was supposed to get MARRIED that day . . . to a DIFFERENT woman.  He's 27-year-old Philip Panzica of Houston, Texas.  And he was in Vegas to marry his fiancée, Mistie Bozant.  Keeps getting better, right?  Just wait. Before they had the ceremony, she confessed she was PREGNANT . . . and the baby wasn't HIS. So they broke up, he pounded five margaritas, and then randomly bumped into Chloe Scordianos of Hicksville, New York.  She was in town celebrating her 21st birthday. They decided to go on the Ferris wheel, and Philip says having sex wasn't planned . . . he just "felt it."  And they didn't realize that other people could see them. Meanwhile, Philip and Mistie have patched things up since then.  She bailed him out of jail, but there's no word if their marriage is back on.  He and Chloe are both still facing their felony charges.

Slacker doesn’t party as much as Steve and has never experienced anything crazy in Vegas.

Steve and his buddy went to a strip club and maxed out his friends credit card then called the credit card company and said they lost the card in Vegas, and that his credit card got stolen and they took care of it, resulting in a free night in Vegas.

What crazy experience have you had in Vegas?